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My Graduation Creative Shot (Inspiration): A PORTRAIT OF BEAUTIFUL GIRL DANCING IN A HAT

Theme 1  (eh kasi madami akong ideas) 🙂

Hello 🙂 this is mae and this will be my first post here in wordpress. I am currently taking BA Psychology in the University of the Philippines and now on my last semester.. Hopefully yes! Last semester.. 🙂 In January (siguro) , we are going to have our graduation picture and the most exciting part about this is the CREATIVE shot!! yay!!

From the name itself, creative. time to be creative and unleash your inner self.. I am really a forgetful person that is why I am now writing my ideas, randomly. Ahahhaa.. If you will notice these thoughts are really random and these pics are from the internet so they belong to their respective owners..

For the first part of my post, “My Graduation Creative Shot (Inspiration)” — Part 1 (yup because I hate writing long articles and I am afraid to bore my readers and SCARE them off ) ❤ Onlondeeeee!! OK! Lezz start!!


First of all, I am not a good dancer. I admit it. But for some reason I just like to dance and love to watch myself look stupid while in front of the mirror.. of course when nobody is watching ehhehe.


I also choose this theme because of the simple background since graduation shots are being held in a plain room or studio. Using this, I do not need to make an extra effort for the backdrop.. OO ako na ang tamad!! (To non-tagalog speakers, sorry but some part of my blog is written in Tagalog since I am a Filipino and I cannot help it 😛 ehehhe but I hope you’ll continue on reading)



as you can notice props and costume is also simple, cheap and easy to find.. I just have one problem: I DO NOT HAVE THIS DROP DEAD SEXY BODY 😦 Oh anyway I can do it with confidence!! ahahha . Hoping 😛

also, the theme is inspired by Micheal Jackson. I am really not a super fan but I like him.. this theme symbolizes “mystery” and “flexibility” — its so me 🙂 
and all the seniors out there you must remember that this is just a one-in-a-lifetime experience and it will be great if you will choose a theme that will symbolize who you are so that you may smile or even laugh (AHHAHA) when you see it  yearssssssssssssszzzz after 😛 
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About maeinthislink

In this link, you will see all my random thoughts and how am I going to start my dream of being a writer, a person free to express herself :) basically I will write about fashion and post interesting pictures from the internet :) I do not waste my life sticking to some nonsense norms and customs. I love to think out of the box and do something good from it. I hate to wear masks and hide who I am, I dont pretend that everything is sunny and unruffled with me. I do the things that i want (for best or for worst) after all, I am ready to face the bullshit CONSEQUENCES. Kinamamatay ko ang Internet, pelikula, larawan, oranges, damit, libro, kape at kagaguhan .. minsan may drama din.


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